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Monday, June 16, 2014

Arvo Interviewed at Heathen Harvest

In a long running email interview, the prestigious and damn near monolithic periodical Heathen Harvest spilled my guts at length, they can spread for miles.

Arvo Zylo is a Chicago artist who you’ve likely never heard of until now, but he’s the poster-boy for the noise aesthetic and ethic, if such things even exist.  His fascination lies in the mistakes within music, in the malfunctions of instruments, and in confrontation.  He works tirelessly in his urban home, constantly creating new works either in collaborations or under three monikers, be it his own name, Mister Fvckhead, or Blood Rhythms.  The means to which he meets his artistic ends don’t just stop with aural art, however.  He is a visual artist and a journalist too; his unique style of collage work can be seen within many of his own releases, and his voice is recognizable in the Chicago area for his work on WLUW with his own spot, “The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show”, where attention has most recently been focused on him for his interview with Boyd Rice.  He is simply one of the hardest working and most interesting people currently enveloped in the abyss that is the American noise underground today, and we had the pleasure of putting together an interview with him that is over a year in the making below.


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