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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arvo at Chicago Sonic Coalition (video)

Last year I took part in the first Annual Chicago Sonic Coalition, wherein bands are formed based on names being pulled out of a hat. It just so happened that the band I was supposed to be in dissipated before even one practice, and I performed solo.   It was a great night and there were some great bands.  Each band had to perform a cover.  I redid some of the lyrics of Flipper's "Life Is Cheap" and performed it, along with two other unreleased pieces.  I also recorded two of those tracks in a studio, to be released on a compilation record on Drag City, but the project fizzled.  I suspect those tracks will never see the light of day.  Here is a write up by the curator, John Yingling, at Impose Magazine, along with a 29 minute video of snippets from the event.   John also runs GonzoChicago and filmed the last Mopery Show.  Although he now lives in Missoula, Montana, he was a very important person in the Chicago music scene while he was here.   Thanks again John!

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