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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

International Email Audio Art Project Volume 2

Download a track of mine called "A Radio Drama" HERE

The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due respect and acknowledge these origins, I propose an international EMAIL audio art project in which contributors will send to me a one-minute miniature audio work in mp3 format (plus visual works if desired) attached to an email. These works will be published together in volumes online.

You can download Volume 2 featuring these 60 artists:
Adrian Carter (UK), Zilbread (USA), PBK (USA), R. Stevie Moore (USA), Fernando Bocadillos (Argentina), FLAtRich - Rich La Bonté (USA), Murmurists (England), Heather Perkins (USA), Le Scrambled Debutante (USA), Instagon (USA), Combat 23 (Czech Republic), Rick Tarquinio (USA), Sean T. Wright (UK), Kevin John Henry Lewis (USA), Travis Johnson (USA), Gary Pig Gold (USA), Nebulagirl (USA), Klimperei (France), Subversive Intentions (USA), Yannick Franck (Belgium), Barbershop - Concrete Project (France), _whALe_pLAtE_ (USA), Dave Wright (USA), Eric Boivin (Canada), Otolathe (USA), The Preschool (USA), Ryan Jordan (UK), Arvo Zylo (USA), Obozdur (Russia), M.Stactor (Canada), Andrew Mascardi (USA), Gryphée (France), Zanstones (USA), Regosphere (USA), Rolna (Hungary), Loup-Garou (USA), nundata (Serbia), undRess Béton (Germany), M.Nomized (France), Dooks/Cazal (UK), Anders Östberg (Sweden), Hieronimo Air Fat (USA), Minimal Frank (Canada), Vladimir Markov (Russia), Ed Wayne Lefski (Germany), Adrian Beentjes (USA/UK), Rosso Merda (Italy/USA), Julia LaDense (USA), Martial Bécheau (France), Jim Ivy (USA), Simon Whetham (UK), Bret Hart (USA), Brandon Ross/Lord Masque (USA), Half An Abortion (UK), John Wiggins (USA), The Evolution Control Committee (USA), Andrew Dalio (USA), Will Soderberg (USA), Hal McGee (USA), Dedali (Italy)

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