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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mini Tour Highlights

Live Excerpt Thanks To Emil Hagstrom

In Minneapolis I was fortunate enough to record and do a show on the same bill as Cock E.S.P. . Their performance was in total darkness, with whatever light that came from someone's hand held camera illuminating naked/half naked bodies covered in glitter writhing around, with amplified tire rims and a trampoline bouncing around in the background. The combination of finding a belt sander in a Minnesota thrift store and being enabled by Emil Hagstrom in a few ways made my little mini tour astronomically better than I'd thought it would be. There was also some technical help given by John Vance that ended up saving me from a drastic tour setback on day one.

Columbia saw our show getting relocated to a venue with much more traffic, to a party kicked off by a large circle of people square dancing. My time spent with Dominick Dufner/ Sigulda and his girlfriend Michaella nom de plum was super fun, good people. Michaella gave me a hand stenciled T. Rex shirt, I will never forget it!

In St. Louis I made it to Apop Recordsearly and was fortunate enough to get my tapes into that store, while also buying what I could with my meager budget. You have to commend a store that is carrying cassettes that come with rotting, moldy pig ears, or mini CDs mounted on broken shards of glass. That is a damn good record store. The Show Was At Wayout Club, a bar owned by a couple who share duties of running sound, door and bartending between themselves. They shared food from their picnic earlier that day and were very nice people. All sets were great, Sigulda, N.N.N. Cook, and Desoeuvre Bruits, a project by a man long involved in the noise scene for over 10 years, collaborating with many people around town, he shared his debut as a solo act on this bill. I also met Mark and Sasha from Luftwaffe and had some good conversation before getting whisked off to the bus station.

When I get the chance, I will be sending a few gift baskets. It was a lot of fun.

Highlights from Columbus and Cleveland are: Getting to share a bill withFluxmonkey, hanging out with Andy Slater/Velcro Lewis before my show at Bela Dubby, making it to Cool Ranch afterwards to meet/see Irene Moon for the first time, reuniting with an old and dear friend, hearing stories about collecting Indian Artifacts from Rudy Gerdeman and seeing him swallow a piece of his broken mic and continue playing. In Columbus I was fortunate enough to hang out with Zac Szymusiak at his house built in 1870, and hear stories about having Mark Gunderson of The Evolution Control Committee as a landlord. I was also glad I got to meet/see Jonathan Enrique Barajas/I AM FORESIGHT perform and meet Luke Tandy/Skeleton Dust/Being. Many thanks to the people who made it good!

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